Comment réparer un plancher en bois qui a changé de couleur?
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How to repair a wood floor that has changed color?

Restoring the Original Color of Wooden Floors

Introduction: Preserving Your Floor's Authenticity

Plancher Deluxe, proudly serving Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, as well as the South and North Shores, is your expert in preserving the natural beauty of wooden floors. When a floor changes color, it's crucial to act effectively to restore its original brilliance.

Understanding the Causes of Color Change

  • Sun Exposure: UV rays can alter the shade of wooden floors.
  • Wear and Aging: Over time, wood can naturally darken or lighten.
  • Stains and Water Damage: These factors can cause localized color changes.

Evaluation and Preparation for Restoration

Professional Diagnosis

  • Detailed Analysis: Our team assesses the extent of the color changes and identifies the best restoration strategies.
  • Surface Preparation: Thorough cleaning is performed to prepare the floor for restoration.

Color Restoration Techniques

Using Specific Products

  • Choice of Appropriate Products: We select restoration products designed to restore the original color of the wood without damaging its structure.
  • Careful Application: Our experts apply these products precisely to ensure a uniform result.

Finishes and Protection

  • Protective Varnishes and Oils: After restoring the color, protective finishes are applied to preserve the beauty and longevity of the floor.
  • Quality Control: We conduct a final inspection to ensure that the restored color meets your expectations.

Tips for Long-Term Preservation

  • Protection Against Sunlight: Use curtains or UV films to protect your floor from the sun's rays.
  • Regular Maintenance: Gentle and regular cleaning helps to preserve the color and condition of the wood.

Why Choose Plancher Deluxe?

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience, we are recognized specialists in wooden floor restoration.
  • Wood-Friendly Techniques: We use methods that respect the integrity of your floor while ensuring effective restoration.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our team is committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience, from the initial consultation to the project's completion.


Choosing Plancher Deluxe for the color restoration of your wooden floor means opting for a solution that combines expertise, care, and respect for the environment. We are committed to reviving your floors with lasting and beautiful results.

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