Comment réparer un plancher qui a été rayé par des meubles?
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How to repair a floor that has been scratched by furniture?

Repair Techniques for Floors Scratched by Furniture


At Plancher Deluxe, serving Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, the South Shore, and the North Shore, we understand that scratches caused by furniture can significantly alter the appearance of a floor. This article aims to provide detailed and original solutions for repairing these scratches while preserving the aesthetics of your floors.

Damage Assessment

Scratch Analysis

  • Depth and length: Determining whether the scratch is superficial or deep is crucial for choosing the appropriate repair method.

Repair Methods

For Superficial Scratches

  • Repair paste or wax: Use colored filling products to mask light scratches.
  • Polishing: Light polishing can often remove superficial marks.

For Deep Scratches

  • Localized sanding: Sand the affected area to remove deep scratches, followed by an appropriate finish.
  • Plank replacement: If the scratch is too deep, replace the damaged section of the floor.

Prevention and Protection

Preventive Tips

  • Furniture protection: Use pads under furniture legs to prevent future scratches.
  • Gentle cleaning routines: Adopt cleaning techniques that preserve the floor's finish.

Maintenance and Finishing

Regular Upkeep

  • Cleaning and polishing: Regularly maintain the floor to keep its shine and resistance to scratches.

Application of Protectors

  • Finishing products: Apply sealants or varnishes to increase the floor's resistance to damage.

Innovative and Durable Solutions

Advanced Materials

  • Next-generation repair products: Explore the use of innovative products for more effective and less visible repairs.

Customized Techniques

  • Adaptation to the floor type: Choose techniques and products based on the type of wood and style of finish.

Conclusion: Plancher Deluxe's Commitment

At Plancher Deluxe, we are committed to offering floor repair solutions that combine aesthetics and durability. Our expertise in repairing scratches caused by furniture guarantees a result that is both beautiful and functional, revitalizing your floors with minimal intrusion.

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