Est-il possible de rester dans la maison pendant le sablage de planchers?
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Is it possible to stay in the house during floor sanding?

Is it Possible to Stay in the House During Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is a crucial step in the renovation and maintenance of wooden floors. At Plancher Deluxe, we understand that our clients in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and surrounding areas like the South Shore and North Shore often ask: can one stay in the house during floor sanding? The short answer is yes, but with certain considerations.

Factors to Consider

Dust and Air Quality

  • Dust Control: Sanding inevitably produces dust. At Plancher Deluxe, we use state-of-the-art equipment to minimize dust dispersion. However, a certain amount of dust in the air is inevitable.
  • Air Quality: Wood dust can affect air quality. We recommend that sensitive individuals, such as children, the elderly, or those with allergies, stay away during the work.


  • Sound Level: Sanding equipment can be noisy. If noise is a disturbing factor for you or your family, consider staying away during the works.


  • Work Area: For safety reasons, it is preferable not to move around in the sanding areas. Our professionals establish secure work zones to prevent any risk of accident.

Organizing Sanding in the Presence of Residents

If you choose to stay in your home during the sanding, here are some tips for a harmonious experience:

  1. Planning Work Areas: We work with you to plan the sanding in sections, thus freeing up parts of the house for your daily use.
  2. Constant Communication: Our team will maintain regular communication to inform you of the progress of the work and areas to avoid.
  3. Daily Cleaning: At Plancher Deluxe, we commit to performing daily cleaning to minimize the impact of dust.


Staying in the house during sanding is possible, but it depends on your tolerance to dust, noise, and your ability to temporarily adapt to a work environment. At Plancher Deluxe, our priority is to ensure that the process is as least disruptive as possible for our clients in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and the South Shore and North Shore regions.

Your Project, Our Passion

Every sanding project is unique, and we are here to guide and support you at every step. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your floor sanding project, whether it's for a historic home, stairs, stair railings, decks, or commercial premises. Your satisfaction is our primary motivation.

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