Peut-on teindre un plancher avec une finition à l'huile?
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Can a floor with an oil finish be stained?

Uncovering the Subtleties of Staining on Oil Finishes

At Plancher Deluxe, experts in floor sanding and staining in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and both the South and North Shores, we understand the importance of choosing the right staining method. The question of staining a floor with an oil finish is particularly relevant. Here is an in-depth exploration of the possibilities and techniques to successfully accomplish this delicate task.

The Complexity of Staining on Oil Finishes

  • Stain Adherence: Oil finishes can pose challenges in terms of stain adherence. It's essential to understand the compatibility between the stain and the oil finish.
  • Floor Preparation: Meticulous sanding is crucial to ensure that the surface is ready to receive the stain.

Suitable Types of Stains

  • Water-Based vs Oil-Based Stains: It's important to choose the type of stain that is most suited to your oil finish. Sometimes, a water-based stain may be preferable for its ability to penetrate light oil finishes.

Application Techniques

  • Applying in Thin Layers: For oil finishes, applying thin, uniform layers is recommended for better adherence and optimal drying.
  • Drying and Curing: Respecting the drying time and curing process is essential to ensure the durability of the stain on an oil finish.

Tips for Optimal Results

  • Preliminary Testing: Performing a test on a small area is crucial to assess adherence and the final appearance.
  • Choosing Quality Products: Use high-quality stains and finishes to ensure a result that meets your expectations.

The Expertise of Plancher Deluxe

  • Professional Advice: Our team of specialists can advise you on the best choice of products and techniques for your specific project.
  • Professional Staining Service: We offer a complete service, from sanding to finishing, for an impeccable and long-lasting result.


Staining a floor with an oil finish is a complex process that requires know-how and attention to detail. Plancher Deluxe accompanies you at every step of your project for a result that combines aesthetics and longevity.

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