Quelle est la différence entre teinture et vernis?
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What is the difference between stain and varnish?

The Fundamental Difference between Stain and Varnish: A Complete Guide

Introduction to the World of Floor Sanding and Floor Coatings

At Plancher Deluxe, experts in floor sanding in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and the South Shore and North Shore, we master the art of floor finishing. Our services extend from staining floors, stairs, terraces, to renovating antique floors.

Stain vs Varnish: Understanding the Basics

1. Stain: A Matter of Color and Absorption

  • Nature: Stain penetrates the wood, enhancing its natural color or altering its hue.
  • Purpose: It aims to change the aesthetic appearance of the wood while allowing its grain and texture to show through.

2. Varnish: Protection and Shine

  • Role: Varnish, applied to the surface, creates a protective barrier against wear, water, and scratches.
  • Effect: It provides a glossy or matte finish, depending on the type chosen, and enhances the depth of the stain.

When to Use Stain and Varnish?

Why Stain?

  • Customization: Ideal for personalizing the appearance of your floor according to your decorative preferences.
  • Renovation: Perfect for giving a second life to an old floor.

The Importance of Varnish

  • Durability: Essential for protecting the stained wood and extending its durability.
  • Aesthetics: It enriches the final appearance of the floor, giving it shine and elegance.

Application Tips: The Expertise of Plancher Deluxe

Stain Application: We apply the stain with precision, taking into account the type of wood and the desired effect.

Varnished Finish: Our team ensures that the varnish is applied evenly for optimal protection and a perfect aesthetic appearance.

Conclusion: Unique Expertise for Your Floor

At Plancher Deluxe, we combine stain and varnish with mastery to offer our clients floors of exceptional beauty and durability. Entrust us with your flooring projects for a result that meets your expectations.

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