Comment assurer une transition harmonieuse entre différents types de sols?
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How can a smooth transition between different types of flooring be ensured?

Ensuring a Seamless Transition Between Different Types of Flooring

The Art of Blending Materials

Understanding the Characteristics of Each Floor

  • Each flooring type, whether it's wood, tile, or carpet, has its own unique characteristics. Knowing these details is essential for creating a seamless transition.

Choosing Transition Materials

  • Use transition materials that complement both types of flooring. For instance, wooden or metal threshold bars can elegantly connect a hardwood floor to tile.

Installation Techniques for a Neat Finish

Leveling Height Differences

  • When two floors of different heights meet, it's crucial to use leveling techniques to avoid tripping hazards and create a tidy appearance.

Precision Cutting and Alignment

  • Accurate cuts are necessary to ensure that transition materials fit perfectly with the surrounding floors.

Professional Tips for Impressive Results

Playing with Colors and Textures

  • Wisely mixing colors and textures can create an attractive visual effect and unify the space.

Strategic Use of Rugs and Carpets

  • Rugs and carpets can serve as a soft transition between different types of flooring while adding warmth and comfort.

Preparation and Planning

Measurement and Assessment

  • Before any installation, measure the spaces carefully and plan the layout of transitions to avoid miscalculations.

Consultation with Experts

  • At Plancher Deluxe, our experts can advise you on the best methods and materials for your specific project.

The Little Details that Make a Big Difference

Finishes and Accessories

  • Do not overlook finishes and accessories. Well-chosen skirting boards or finishing profiles can enhance the transition between different floors.


Plancher Deluxe is your ideal partner for ensuring a seamless transition between different types of flooring in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore, and North Shore like hardwood flooring. Our expertise guarantees impeccable finishing and a cohesive design for your space.

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