Comment l'orientation des planches affecte-t-elle l'apparence d'un plancher de bois franc?
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How does the orientation of the planks affect the appearance of a hardwood floor?

The Impact of Board Orientation on the Appearance of Hardwood Floors

An Overview

The orientation of hardwood floorboards plays a crucial role in the aesthetic and overall ambiance of a room. This choice is not just a matter of personal preference, but can also significantly impact the perception of space and the floor's durability.

Key Factors to Consider

Space and Light

  • Space Perception: The orientation of the boards can make a room appear larger or smaller. Longitudinally laid boards can visually elongate a room, while transversely laid boards can make it seem wider.
  • Interaction with Light: Orientation affects how light reflects off the floor. Boards oriented towards the main light source can enhance the brightness of a room.

Wood Type and Texture

  • Wood Variety: Each wood species has a unique grain. The orientation of the boards can either accentuate or minimize these natural features.
  • Texture and Finish: The choice of orientation also affects the appearance of the finish, particularly in how it captures light and creates shadows.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Pedestrian Traffic: The orientation of the boards should consider frequently trafficked areas to optimize durability.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Some orientations may facilitate cleaning and maintenance by minimizing dust accumulation in the grooves.

Various Orientation Techniques

Classic Orientation

  • Parallel to Long Walls: This traditional technique visually lengthens the room and is often used in narrow spaces.
  • Perpendicular to Joists: For better stability and support, especially recommended for older buildings.

Creative Orientation

  • Diagonal: Creates an interesting dynamic and a sense of space.
  • Chevron or Herringbone: Ideal for a classic and elegant look, adds character to the room.

The Impact on Commercial and Historic Spaces

Commercial and Office Spaces

  • Strategic Choice: Orientation can influence the ambiance of a commercial space, making it more welcoming or professional.
  • Enhanced Durability: In high-traffic areas, a judicious orientation can extend the lifespan of the flooring.

Historic Floors

  • Character Preservation: The original orientation should be preserved as much as possible to maintain historical integrity.
  • Restoration Techniques: Specific methods are used to restore these floors without altering their original layout.


The orientation of hardwood floorboards is a crucial element in designing a space. At Plancher Deluxe, we understand the importance of this choice and offer personalized advice for each project, whether it be residential, commercial, or historical. Our expertise in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore, and North Shore allows us to provide services tailored to your specific needs.

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