Quelle est l'importance de l'acclimatation du bois avant l'installation?
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Why is wood acclimatization important before installation?

The Crucial Importance of Wood Acclimatization Before Installation

If you're considering having a hardwood floor installed in your home in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, on the South Shore, or the North Shore, you've made a wise choice. Hardwood floors bring exceptional warmth, elegance, and durability to any space. However, to ensure that your investment in a hardwood floor remains beautiful and resilient for many years, there's often an overlooked yet crucial aspect of installation not to underestimate: wood acclimatization.

Why is wood acclimatization so important?

When you purchase wood planks for your flooring project, they are often stored in conditions different from those in your home. Wood has the ability to absorb and release moisture depending on the environment it's in. Without proper acclimatization, wood can undergo dimensional changes once installed in your home, which can lead to serious issues. Here's why wood acclimatization is essential:

1. Prevention of Warping and Cupping

Wood that hasn't been adequately acclimatized can warp, twist, or cup once exposed to moisture levels different from its initial storage location. This can result in an unsightly appearance and unevenness on your new hardwood floor.

2. Reduction of Cracks and Gaps Between Planks

When wood contracts or expands due to moisture variations, unwanted cracks and gaps between planks can appear. These imperfections can not only affect the aesthetics of your floor but also create potential safety issues.

3. Increased Stability

Wood acclimatization allows the material to gradually adapt to the moisture levels in your home, helping to maintain the stability of your floor. A stable floor is safer to use and less prone to damage.

How does wood acclimatization work?

Wood acclimatization is a process that allows wood to adjust to the conditions in your home before installation. Here's how it typically works:

1. Initial Storage

When wood planks are delivered to the site, they must first be stored in the room where they will be installed. This enables the wood to acclimate to the room's temperature and humidity.

2. Waiting Period

The planks need to rest in this room for at least a few days, or even several weeks, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations and the specific conditions of your home.

3. Moisture Measurement

Before installation, it's essential to measure the moisture content of both the wood and the room. Ideally, these two figures should be very close to each other.

4. Professional Installation

Once the wood is acclimatized, it's ready to be installed by qualified professionals. These experts will ensure that all necessary precautions have been taken to guarantee the stability and beauty of your new hardwood floor.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Wood Acclimatization

Wood acclimatization is a delicate process that requires considerable expertise and experience. Here's why it's crucial to rely on professionals for this step:

1. In-Depth Knowledge of Wood Types

Different wood types react differently to changes in humidity. Hardwood flooring experts are familiar with the specific characteristics of each type of wood and can adjust the acclimatization process accordingly.

2. Proper Tools and Equipment

Professionals have the necessary tools and equipment to accurately measure the moisture content of the wood and the room, as well as to ensure a flawless installation.

3. Adherence to Industry Standards

Hardwood flooring experts are well-versed in industry standards and will ensure that acclimatization is performed according to best practices.


In the end, acclimatizing wood before installing your hardwood floor is a crucial step to ensure the beauty and durability of your investment. By entrusting the process to skilled professionals, you can avoid potential issues related to warping, cupping, cracks, and gaps. So, make sure your hardwood floor is properly acclimatized to enjoy its benefits for many years to come.

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