Quelles précautions prendre pour l'installation d'un plancher de bois franc en hiver?
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What precautions should be taken for installing hardwood flooring in winter?

Precautions for Installing Hardwood Floors in Winter

Understanding the Challenges of Cold

Temperature and Humidity Variations

  • In winter, temperature and humidity changes can affect wood. Understanding how these elements interact with your flooring material is crucial.

Wood Acclimatization

  • Before installation, the wood must acclimate to the indoor environment. Store it in the room where it will be installed for at least one week.

Suitable Equipment and Materials

Choice of Glue and Varnish

  • Use glues and varnishes suitable for winter conditions. Some products are more resistant to cold and moisture.

Insulation and Heating

  • Ensure that the room is properly insulated and heated. A stable temperature is essential for a successful installation.

Specific Installation Techniques

Board Jointing

  • In winter, leave a slightly larger gap between the boards to compensate for the contraction and expansion due to climatic variations.

Sequencing of Work

  • Plan your work considering the longer drying times of adhesives and varnishes in winter.

Tips for a Durable Installation

Rigorous Inspection

  • Inspect each plank for possible deformations due to cold before installation.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Thorough cleaning before installation is even more crucial in winter, to prevent the accumulation of dirt and moisture.

Preparing the Work Environment

Protection Against the Elements

  • Ensure that the work area is protected from cold drafts and outside humidity.

Control of Ambient Humidity

  • Use a dehumidifier if necessary to maintain a constant humidity level in the room.


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