Peut-on installer un plancher en bois sur un ancien plancher?
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Can wood flooring be installed over an existing floor?

Installing a New Wooden Floor Over an Old One: Is It Possible?

Introduction: Blending the New with the Old

At Plancher Deluxe, serving Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and the surrounding areas, we are often asked about the possibility of installing a new wooden floor over an old one. This is a relevant question, especially in the context of renovations. Let's explore together the possibilities and technical considerations of this type of project.

Assessment of the Old Floor: A Crucial Step

  • Structural Integrity: The old floor must be stable, without significant signs of damage or rot.
  • Leveling and Uniformity: A flat surface is essential for the successful installation of the new floor.

Site Preparation: A Solid Foundation

  • Cleaning and Repair: Clean the old floor and repair damaged areas before installation.
  • Acoustic Insulation: Adding a layer of insulation can reduce noise and improve comfort.

Choice of the New Floor: Compatibility and Aesthetics

  • Types of Wood: Select a wood that complements or harmoniously contrasts with the old floor.
  • Installation Systems: Opt for floating floors or click systems for easier and less invasive installation.

Installation Techniques: Precision and Expertise

  • Floating or Glued Installation: These methods allow for laying a new floor without removing the old one.
  • Attention to Detail: Door thresholds and moldings may require meticulous adjustments.

Advantages and Considerations

  • Time and Cost Savings: Avoiding the complete removal of the old floor can reduce costs and the duration of the work.
  • Aesthetic and Practical Considerations: It's important to consider the total thickness of both floors and the impact on doors and furniture.

Conclusion: A Feasible Project with the Right Know-How

Installing a new wooden floor over an old one is not only possible but can also add character and value to your space. At Plancher Deluxe, our expertise ensures that each step of this process is carried out with care and precision. For more information on this type of installation, contact us.

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