Beaconsfield : Permits and Regulations | Floor Sanding and Renovation

Beaconsfield : Permits and Regulations | Floor Sanding and Renovation

Practical Guide for Flooring Work in Beaconsfield

Regulations and Permits: What You Need to Know

Necessary Authorizations for Your Flooring Projects

In Beaconsfield, carrying out certain construction, modification, or relocation of buildings, whether primary or accessory, requires prior authorization from the city. This measure ensures that the work complies with local standards and maintains safety for everyone.

Works Requiring Authorization

  • Building Construction: Whether for residential, commercial, or other uses, constructing a new main or accessory building requires authorization.
  • Building Modification: Any project involving modification, be it an extension, renovation, or transformation, must be approved by the city.
  • Building Relocation: If you plan to relocate an existing building, authorization is also necessary.

Works Exempt from Permit

It's important to note that certain repair and maintenance works can be carried out without a construction permit. These works include replacing materials with similar ones in nature and dimensions, provided they do not involve major modifications such as removing or constructing walls, changing load-bearing structures, or altering essential elements like stairs and windows.

Examples of Permit-Free Works

  • Replacing similar materials
  • Minor repairs not altering the structure

Costs and Administrative Procedures

To obtain a permit or an authorization certificate, fees and security deposits may be required. These costs vary depending on the nature and scope of the planned works.

Client Responsibility

It is crucial to emphasize that the responsibility to comply with all regulations and obtain the necessary agreements falls on the client. At Plancher Deluxe, we are here to support and guide you through these processes, but it is vital that you, as the client, take the initiative to ensure your project's compliance. While we can offer our assistance and advice, the ultimate responsibility rests with you, unless otherwise specified in our contract.

Our Commitment to You

At Plancher Deluxe, our goal is to provide quality service while adhering to the standards and regulations in force in Beaconsfield. We understand the importance of these procedures for the success of your project and commit to offering our expertise and support at every step.

Why Choose Plancher Deluxe?

  • Local expertise specific to Beaconsfield
  • Personalized support and advice
  • Commitment to compliance and quality

We look forward to collaborating with you on your flooring projects, respecting Beaconsfield's standards, and ensuring results that meet your expectations. For any questions or to start your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. At Plancher Deluxe, your satisfaction and the compliance of your project are our top priority.


This section has been prepared solely for the convenience of the reader and has no official or legal value. No warranty is offered as to the accuracy of the text. For all legal purposes, the reader should consult the official version of the by-law and each of its amendments or obtain a copy by contacting the City's clerk office.

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