Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève : Permits and Regulations | Floor Sanding and Renovation

Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève : Permits and Regulations | Floor Sanding and Renovation

Practical Guide for Your Flooring Projects in Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève

Renovations and Permits: What You Need to Know

Permit-Free Work: Simplicity and Aesthetics

In Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève, carrying out minor renovation work is a breeze! Planning to refresh your interior? Great news: for aesthetic changes such as:

  • Changing the floor covering: Whether it's for a cozy carpet or an elegant floor, no permit is required.
  • Repainting your walls: Unleash your creativity and transform your living space with new colors.
  • Replacing cabinets, countertops, a sink, or a bathtub: Refresh your kitchen or bathroom without any administrative hassle.

These simple yet effective improvements do not require any special procedures with the municipality.

When a Permit Becomes Necessary

However, it's crucial to note that some more significant works require a permit. Here are the cases where you'll need to apply for one:

  • Work affecting the foundations: Any change that involves the base of your home necessitates authorization.
  • Structural modifications: If your project involves altering the structure of your dwelling, a permit is essential.
  • Increasing floor area: Expanding your living space? A great idea, but don't forget the permit!

Your Role in Complying with Regulations

At Plancher Deluxe, we're here to support you in your flooring projects. However, it's important to emphasize that the responsibility to comply with local regulations and obtain the necessary agreements rests with you, our valued customers. While we can't directly manage the acquisition of your permits, our team is always ready to offer advice and assistance in navigating these processes. We encourage you to take the initiative to ensure a hassle-free renovation experience.

Our Commitment to You

At Plancher Deluxe, we commit to providing quality service, tailored to the specifics of Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève. Our local expertise allows us to guide you best in choosing the most suitable materials and techniques for your project. We are at your disposal for any questions or concerns regarding your flooring project.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to plan your next renovation project with Plancher Deluxe, your trusted partner in Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève.


This section has been prepared solely for the convenience of the reader and has no official or legal value. No warranty is offered as to the accuracy of the text. For all legal purposes, the reader should consult the official version of the by-law and each of its amendments or obtain a copy by contacting the City's clerk office.

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