Installation of Molding and Finishing | Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore

Mastering Moulding and Finishing: Plancher Deluxe's Signature Services

  • The Art of Moulding and Finishing in Modern Flooring

    Introduction: Plancher Deluxe's Specialization in Moulding and Finishing

    Plancher Deluxe, a family-owned business since 2002, has carved a niche in the flooring industry of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, and South Shore, specializing in the art of moulding and finishing. Our dedication to these specific services sets us apart, ensuring that each project we undertake is not just completed but brought to life with the finest touches of craftsmanship.

    Understanding Moulding and Finishing: The Cornerstones of Elegant Flooring

    Moulding and finishing are the unsung heroes of flooring installation, often overlooked but crucial for the aesthetic and longevity of your floors. At Plancher Deluxe, we believe these final touches are what transform a simple flooring project into a work of art.

  • Moulding: The Defining Detail

    Moulding is more than a transitional piece; it's a design statement. It frames your floors, creating a seamless flow from wall to floor, and adds an element of sophistication to any room. Our expertise lies in customizing moulding to complement your flooring choice perfectly.

    Finishing: The Final Flourish

    Finishing is the protective coat that not only enhances the appearance of your floors but also guards against wear and tear. Our finishing techniques are tailored to the specific needs of your flooring, ensuring durability and a lasting sheen.

    Why Opt for Professional Moulding and Finishing Services?

    • Enhanced Aesthetics: Professionally installed moulding and finishing elevate the overall look of your space.
    • Increased Property Value: These details can significantly boost the market value of your property.
    • Longevity and Protection: Proper finishing extends the life of your floors, protecting them from daily wear.

    Plancher Deluxe's Approach to Moulding and Finishing

    Our approach combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to deliver unparalleled results. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every corner, nook, and cranny is flawlessly finished.

    Customized Solutions for Every Space

    We understand that each space is unique. Our team works closely with you to select and design moulding and finishing that aligns with your vision and the architectural nuances of your property.

    Quality Materials for Lasting Impressions

    We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that our moulding and finishing not only look good but stand the test of time.

  • Skilled Craftsmanship Meets Innovative Techniques

    Our professionals are not just skilled; they are artisans who blend traditional methods with innovative techniques to create stunning, durable finishes.

    Plancher Deluxe: Your Trusted Partner in Moulding and Finishing

    Choosing Plancher Deluxe means partnering with a team that values your vision and is committed to bringing it to life. Our dedication to excellence in moulding and finishing has made us a preferred choice in Montreal and its surrounding areas.

    Conclusion: Transform Your Space with Plancher Deluxe

    In a world where details make the design, Plancher Deluxe stands as your expert in moulding and finishing. Let us transform your space with the elegance and durability that only our specialized services can provide. Trust us to elevate your floors from ordinary to extraordinary.